Lancelot García

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Human observer can understand the contents of image and can do object based enhancement<lb>manually based on their perceptual understanding. Existing photo applications use low level<lb>description for performing similar tasks. However, there is gap between the output of<lb>operations by application and same task performed by human being. To bridge this(More)
This paper presents B fault detection and isolation (FDI) filter design for a lateral dynamics of a F-16 aircraft. The FDI filter is based on robust residual generator design via multi-objective optimisation and genetic algorithms (MOO-GA). In our case the fault detection filter is sensitive to roll and sideslip sensors. The FDI filter is implemented in(More)
The continuing trends of device scaling and increase in complexity towards terascale system on chip level of integration are putting growing difficulties into several areas of design. The intrinsic variability problem is aggravated by variations caused by the difficulties of controlling Critical Dimension (CD) in nanometer technologies. The effect of(More)
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