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Voters versus terrorists: Analyzing the effect of terrorist events on voter turnout
Scholars and policymakers commonly assume terrorism is intended to affect a broader audience beyond the physically targeted victims. Informed by scholarship regarding the effects of heuristics andExpand
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Testing terrorism theory with data mining
A multi-method data mining approach can be used to test competing theories in a discipline by analysing large, comprehensive datasets that capture multiple theories and include large numbers of records. Expand
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Terrorism’s effect on Europe’s centre- and far-right parties
European far-right parties have enjoyed mixed success in the past few years. The primary elements in many of these parties’ policy platforms centre on security, terrorism, and foreign persons.Expand
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Does accountability matter? How electoral systems affect conflict initiation
Abstract Recent work on conflict suggests that electoral systems impact foreign policy-making in important ways; however, the discipline has reached different conclusions regarding how differentExpand
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The Effects of the International Monetary Fund on Domestic Terrorism
ABSTRACTThe past three decades have seen an increase in both domestic terrorist attacks and loans issued by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In this study, we investigate the connection betwe...
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Terrorism and voter turnout in seven urban centers in the United States
ABSTRACT Scholars have long held that terrorist attacks have a noticeable effect on citizens’ emotions such as anxiety and fear. Consequently, it is not surprising that researchers have discoveredExpand
Are mass shootings acts of terror? Applying key criteria in definitions of terrorism to mass shootings in the United States from 1982 to 2018
Scholars and policymakers often make noticeable distinctions between acts of terrorism and mass shooting incidents. In order to assess if these distinctions are generally accurate, we identity four...
Terrorism, Civil Liberties, and Political Rights: A Cross-National Analysis
This article examines the effect terrorism has on civil liberties and political rights across a wide range of democracies and regions. This study includes an analysis of the influence domestic andExpand
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Testing Terrorism Using Iterative Expert Data Mining
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