Lance Washington

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Recent animal studies using stress-induced analgesia have suggested a general age-related decline in endogenous pain inhibitory systems. The aim of the current study was to examine age-related differences in the magnitude of endogenous analgesia in human volunteers, using psychophysical measures of neuroselective electrical, and thermal CO(2) laser induced(More)
The use of electron tomography has allowed the three-dimensional membrane topography of the mitochondrion to be better understood. The most striking feature of this topology is the crista junction, a structure that may serve to divide functionally the inner membrane and intermembrane spaces. In situ these junctions seem to have a preferred size and shape(More)
This paper studies the sensitivity of stress-enhanced transistor performance to layout variations. Stress simulations and mobility models are calibrated and verified for test structures with SiGe source/drain as a stressor. The role of STI on the stress transfer is explored. The numerical results show that variations of 15% in drive currents and of 44% in(More)
Biodegradable microcapsules of zidovudine (AZT) were prepared using poly-(lactide/glycolide) by the solvent evaporation technique. The objective of this project was to focus on the effect of several formulation and processing factors on the efficiency of encapsulation, surface morphology, and drug release profiles. When the drug was incorporated as powder(More)
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