Lance Schmidt

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Recoil-ion and electron momentum spectroscopy is a rapidly developing technique that allows one to measure the vector momenta of several ions and electrons resulting from atomic or molecular fragmentation. In a unique combination, large solid angles close to π 4 and superior momentum resolutions around a few percent of an atomic unit ( . .u a ) are(More)
Data envelopment analysis is used to calculate technical, allocative, economic, and scale efficiencies for fields enrolled in the University of Arkansas Rice Research Verification Program. The results reveal most fields have high technical and scale efficiencies, implying inputs are used in minimum levels necessary to achieve given output levels and fields(More)
Fully differential cross-sections in momentum space for multiple ionization processes of atoms and molecules have been investigated by a multi-coincidence imaging technique, called COLTRIMS (cold target recoil ion momentum spectroscopy) (J. Phys. B 30 (1997) 2917; Nucl. Instrum. Methods B 108 (1996) 425; In: Ullrich, J., Shevelko, V.P. (Eds.), Many Particle(More)
104. Absolute cross sections for photoionization of Xe ions (1 ≤ q ≤ 5) at the 3d ionization threshold S. Schippers, S. Ricz, T. Buhr, A. Borovik Jr., J. Hellhund, K. Holste, K. Huber, H.-J. Schäfer, D. Schury, S. Klumpp, K. Mertens, M. Martins, R. Flesch, G. Ulrich, E. Rühl, T. Jahnke, J. Lower, D. Metz, L. P. H. Schmidt, M. Schöffler, J. B. Williams, L.(More)
A. L. Godunov, Colm T. Whelan, H. R. J. Walters, V. S. Schipakov, M. Schöffler, V. Mergel, R. Dörner, O. Jagutzki, L. Ph. H. Schmidt, J. Titze, and H. Schmidt-Böcking Department of Physics, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia 23529-0116, USA Institut für Kernphysik, Universität Frankfurt, August-Euler-Strasse 6, 60486 Frankfurt, Germany Department of(More)
This publication presents a quality evaluation method based on thermal impedance test (Zth) to detect delaminations in the sintered power modules. For this purpose an emulated delamination has been used as a test standard. Common test methods such a SAM and X-Ray microscopy are also presented and their suitability for testing of sinter layers is discussed.(More)
A new concept to assist in the extraction of ion beams from an electron cyclotron resonance ion source ~ECRIS! by the injection of an electron beam from the extraction side into the ion-source plasma is proposed. In this article, the construction of a test setup is described and first results of experiments with this setup at the 14 GHz ECRIS of the(More)
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