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The Time Synchronized Mesh Protocol (TSMP) enables reliable, low power, secure communication in a managed wireless mesh network. TSMP is a medium access and networking protocol designed for the recently ratified Wireless HART standard in industrial automation. TSMP benefits from synchronization of nodes in a multi-hop network to within a few hundred(More)
—Channel-specific path data for a 44-node 2.4 GHz wireless sensor network deployed in an industrial setting is presented. Each node generates one data packet every 28 seconds with the number of transmissions, received acknowledgements, average RSSI, and other metrics for a path to a single neighbor on a single channel for every 15 minutes of operation.(More)
High end-to-end reliability is a quality demanded by those with critical monitoring and actuation requirements. To date, Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) users have often accepted sub-optimal reliability as being intrinsic to wireless technologies. We describe a centralized monitoring TDMA network with policies chosen to maximize the number of received packets(More)
– A process methodology enabling the fabrication of various nanodevices is demonstrated that is compatible with standard integrated circuit processes and recently developed MEMS technologies. The basic devices are laterally suspended single-crystal silicon nanowires with diameters from ~20 nm formed by a single DRIE etch step and oxidation thinning cycles.(More)
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