Lance D. Wilson

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BACKGROUND Altered electrical activation of the heart by pacing or disease induces profound ventricular electrical remodeling (VER), manifested electrocardiographically as T-wave memory and ultimately as deleterious mechanical remodeling from heterogeneous strain. Although T-wave memory is associated with altered expression of sarcolemmal ion channels, the(More)
AIMS Although cardiac alternans is a known predictor of lethal arrhythmias, its underlying causes remain largely undefined in disease settings. The potential role of, and mechanisms responsible for, beat-to-beat alternations in the amplitude of systolic Ca(2+) transients (Ca(2+) alternans) was investigated in a canine post-myocardial infarction (MI) model(More)
This paper covers the mechanical design and modeling of a redundant omni-directional mobile robot developed for the Ohio University RoboCup goalie. The goalie robot is actuated redundantly with four wheels for good mobility. In the paper, first the overall mechanical design of the system is discussed. Second, the inverse kinematics solution is obtained(More)
Abnormalities in calcium handling have been implicated as a significant source of electrical instability in heart failure (HF). While these abnormalities have been investigated extensively in isolated myocytes, how they manifest at the tissue level and trigger arrhythmias is not clear. We hypothesize that in HF, triggered activity (TA) is due to spontaneous(More)
The properties of a new tumour cell line (NB1-G) derived from human neuroblastoma by xenografting in nude rats followed by adaptation to tissue culture are described. Studies using a panel of monoclonal antibodies demonstrate the neuro-ectodermal nature of the cells and support the diagnosis of the primary tumour as neuroblastoma. Cytogenetic studies have(More)
Methotrexate (MTX) shows consistent cytotoxicity for melanoma cells in vitro but it is ineffective in clinical use at equivalent concentrations in vivo. This apparent paradox has been investigated by cell culture techniques and results quantified by cell number. In an in vitro model of high dose MTX therapy followed by leucovorin rescue (HD-MTX-LCR) there(More)
Cell growth survival studies have revealed that 7-OH methotrexate is two orders of magnitude less cytotoxic to human melanoma and human acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) cells in vitro than methotrexate. The influence of 7-OH methotrexate on methotrexate toxicity was investigated by studying cell growth in the presence of methotrexate and its 7-OH(More)
Emerging evidence suggests that ventricular electrical remodeling (VER) is triggered by regional myocardial strain via mechanoelectrical feedback mechanisms; however, the ionic mechanisms underlying strain-induced VER are poorly understood. To determine its ionic basis, VER induced by altered electrical activation in dogs undergoing left ventricular pacing(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence increasingly supports that prostate cancer is initiated by the malignant transformation of stem cells (SCs). Furthermore, many SC-signalling pathways are shown to be shared in prostate cancer. Therefore, we planned transcriptome characterisation of adult prostate SCs as a strategy to consider new targets for cancer treatment. METHODS(More)
An important defect in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) is that the liver does not meet its full fuel-processing function, because many of the enzymes involved depend on high insulin concentrations in the portal vein. We tried to reactivate the liver by long-term treatment of IDDM patients with intravenous insulin in pulses, with the aim of(More)