Lance A. Glasser

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The analog behavior of digital VLSI circuits is investigated. A theory based on nonlinear Thevenin equivalent circuits and RC ladder networks is developed. We obtain closed form expressions for the upper and lower bounds on propagation delay through a string of inverters. We generalize this to multiple-input, multiple-output gates and show that the problem(More)
Fundamental limits on the communication capabilities of massively parallel multiprocessors are investigated. It is shown that in the limit of machines of infinite extent in which the number of processors per unit volume is constant and in which the communication bandwidth from each processor to its neighbors depends only on their separation distance,(More)
+ + We have recently proposed a possibility for low-barrier height diodes: the n nn diode. At cryogenic temperatures the carriers freeze out in the central n region to give a low barrier. A preliminary trial diode with a rather large dot size (50 tm) and a rather thick n region (7 jpm) gives the vi curve shown in Fig. VII-1 taken from a curve tracer. The(More)
The standard approach to master the complexity of designing VLSI systems is to adopt a set of rules that, when respected, are conducive to correct implementations. Any such collection of rules can be called a design methodology. Most of the effort in computer-aided VLSI methodology verification has been traditionally concentrated on geometrical DRC. This(More)
The application of advanced electronic packaging and interconnect (EP/I) technology by US Department of Defense's Advance Research Projects Agency are discussed. The EP/I domain includes packages, multichip modules (MCMs), connectors, printed circuit boards (PCBs), boxes, backplanes, and cages. The EP/I physical technologies, including diamond substrates,(More)
In the sub 0.25 micron regime, IC feature sizes become smaller than the wavelength of light used for silicon exposure. Resultant light distortions create patterns on silicon that are substantially different from a GDSII layout. Although light distortions have traditionally not affected the design flow, the techniques used to control these distortions have a(More)
We present a new design for dual·port memories that uses single· port memory cells but guarantees fast deterministic read/write access. The basic unit of storage is the word, rather than the bit, and addressing conflicts result in bit errors that are removed by correction circuitry. The addressing scheme uses Galois field arithmetic to guarantee that the(More)
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