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Unmanned Areal Vehicles (UAVs) can provide significant contributions to information gathering in military missions. UAVs can be used to capture both full motion video and still imagery of specific target locations within the area of interest. In order to improve the effectiveness of a reconnaissance mission, it is important to visit the largest number of(More)
The paper is organized as follows: First, an outline of the current situation is given, and a disposition of the problems that occur as a result of the limitations of the current way of operating. Following, a description is provided of how these problems might be overcome if WSNs are used. Furthermore, our proposed solution is addressed. Abstract—Wireless(More)
Self organizing, wireless sensors networks (WSNs) are an emerging and challenging technology that is attracting large attention in the sensor and monitoring community. Impressive progress has been done in recent years regarding all of the layers. Even though, we need to assume that an optimal protocol for every kind of sensor network can not exist but it(More)
b Fitting statistical models to spatiotemporal data requires finding the right balance between imposing smoothness and following the data. In the context of P-splines, we propose a Bayesian framework for choosing the smoothing parameter, which allows the construction of fully automatic data-driven methods for fitting flexible models to spatiotemporal data.(More)
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