Lana Bosnjak

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BACKGROUND The purpose of this systematic review was to evaluate evidence about authorship issues and provide synthesis of research on authorship across all research fields. METHODS We searched bibliographical databases to identify articles describing empirical quantitive or qualitative research from all scholarly fields on different aspects of(More)
Guidelines on authorship requirements are common in biomedical journals but it is not known how authorship is defined by journals and scholarly professional organizations across research disciplines. Prevalence of authorship statements, their specificity and tone, and contributions required for authorship were assessed in 185 journals from Science Citation(More)
To assess the publication practices of editors in their own journals, we analysed the number of articles that Croatian editors published in the journals they edit. From 2005 to 2008, 256 decision-making editors of 180 journals published a total of 887 publications in their own journals. Out of these, 332 were relevant for their academic promotion. Only 18(More)
When evaluating the process of building classification decision trees, it is necessary to assess the performance of constructed trees, as well as the speed and efficiency of the algorithm. Top-down induction algorithms are relatively simple and can quickly generate good solutions, however their deterministic nature often prevents them from finding globally(More)
Despite being the most widely used method of authentication, passwords still pose a significant threat to an information system's security. This threat is mostly attributed to the human factor, as users tend to select passwords that are easy to remember, but are not resilient to brute force or dictionary attacks. Worse yet, when not prompted to change their(More)
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