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Several common variants in the intron 1 of FTO (fat mass and associated obesity) gene have been reliably associated with BMI and obesity in European populations. We analyzed two variants (rs9939609 and rs8050136) in 4,189 Chinese Han individuals and conducted a meta-analysis of published studies in Asian population to investigate whether these variants are(More)
Stearoyl-CoA desaturase (SCD) is an integral membrane protein of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) that catalyzes the formation of monounsaturated fatty acids from saturated fatty acids. Recent studies suggest that SCD is a key regulator of energy metabolism and has implications in dislipidemia and obesity. Four SCD isoforms (SCD1-4) have been identified in(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES To develop an archive of self-report questions assessing sleep disturbance and sleep-related impairments (SRI), to develop item banks from this archive, and to validate and calibrate the item banks using classic validation techniques and item response theory analyses in a sample of clinical and community participants. DESIGN(More)
Oxytetracycline (OTC) is a widely used antibiotic, which is commercially produced by Streptomyces rimosus. The type II minimal polyketide synthases (minimal PKS) genes of the oxytetracycline biosynthesis cluster in S. rimosus, consisting of oxyA, oxyB and oxyC, are involved in catalyzing 19-C chain building by the condensation of eight malonyl-CoA groups to(More)
PURPOSE To determine the psychometric properties of the Mentoring Competency Assessment (MCA), a 26-item skills inventory that enables research mentors and mentees to evaluate six competencies of mentors: maintaining effective communication, aligning expectations, assessing understanding, addressing diversity, fostering independence, and promoting(More)
We study the complexity of winner determination in single-crossing elections under two classic fully proportional representation rules—Chamberlin–Courant's rule and Monroe's rule. Winner determination for these rules is known to be NP-hard for unrestricted preferences. We show that for single-crossing preferences this problem admits a polynomial-time(More)
OBJECTIVES Recent data show that the metabolic syndrome may play a role in several cancers, but the etiology for biliary tract cancer is incompletely defined. The present aim was to evaluate risk factors for biliary tract cancer in China. METHODS A case-control study in which cases were biliary tract cancer patients referred to Peking Union Medical(More)
Galectin-3 is a member of a large family of animal lectins. This protein is expressed abundantly by macrophages, but its function in this cell type is not well understood. We have studied the effect of galectin-3 gene targeting on phagocytosis, a major function of macrophages. Compared with wild-type macrophages, galectin-3-deficient (gal3-/-) cells(More)
This article reports on the development of short forms from the Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS™) Sleep Disturbance (SD) and Sleep-Related Impairment (SRI) item banks. Results from post-hoc computerized adaptive testing (CAT) simulations, item discrimination parameters, item means, and clinical judgments were used to select(More)