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The present study investigated the effect of systemic administration of the GABA(B) receptor agonist, baclofen, on the development and expression of d-methamphetamine (d-MA)-induced place preference in male Wistar rats. Using a biased and 8-day schedule of conditioning, it was found that administration of d-MA (0.5 mg/kg, i.p.) produced significant place(More)
A recursive least squares algorithm is presented for short baseline GPS positioning using both carrier phase and code measurements. We take advantage of the structure of the problem to make the algorithm computationally efficient and use orthogonal transformations to ensure that the algorithm is numerically reliable. Details are given for computing position(More)
Columbia-0 (Col-0), Wassilewskija-4 (Ws-4), and Landsberg erecta-0 (Ler-0) are used as background lines for many public Arabidopsis mutant collections, and for investigation in laboratory conditions of plant processes, including photosynthesis and response to high-intensity light (HL). The photosystem II (PSII) complex is sensitive to HL and requires repair(More)
The ability of silicon to dissolve in physiological environments allows its use as the basis of a high-performance inorganic integrated circuit technology for active, bioresorbable implant devices. N. R. Aluru, J. A. Rogers, and co-workers perform systematic experimental and theoretical studies of hydrolysis of silicon nanomembranes at near neutral pH, as(More)
Cancer metastasis remains the most poorly understood process in cancer biology. It involves the degradation of extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins by a series of 'tumour-associated' proteases. Here we report the identification of a novel protease suppressor, NYD-SP8, which is located on human chromosome 19q13.2. NYD-SP8 encodes a 27 kD GPI-anchored cell(More)
pharmaceuticals that are activated upon exposure to the digestive tract; [ 11 ] the structures do not, however, exist as proper batteries, in the conventional sense, nor do they offer output powers useful for general classes of bioresorbable electronics. Magnesium (Mg) is, however, an appealing anode material due to its high energy density, long shelf-life(More)
The effects of zinc chloride (ZnCl2), disodium zinc ethylenediamine tetraacetate (Zn-EDTA), and zinc gluconate (Zn-GLU) on the antioxidant enzyme activities and levels of interleukins (ILs) in psoriasis-induced mice were studied. One hundred twenty female mice were randomly divided into six groups with 20 mice in each group: the control, positive control(More)
Articles you may be interested in Fully complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor compatible nanoplasmonic slot waveguides for silicon electronic photonic integrated circuits Appl. Compact models considering incomplete voltage swing in complementary metal oxide semiconductor circuits at ultralow voltages: A circuit perspective on limits of switching energy(More)
Molten oxide electrolysis (MOE) is an electrometallurgical technique that enables the direct production of metal in the liquid state from oxide feedstock, and compared with traditional methods of extractive metallurgy offers both a substantial simplification of the process and a significant reduction in energy consumption. MOE is also considered a promising(More)