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Here we report a systematic method for constructing a large scale kinetic metabolic model and its initial application to the modeling of central metabolism of Methylobacterium extorquens AM1, a methylotrophic and environmental important bacterium. Its central metabolic network includes formaldehyde metabolism, serine cycle, citric acid cycle, pentose(More)
Molten oxide electrolysis (MOE) is an electrometallurgical technique that enables the direct production of metal in the liquid state from oxide feedstock, and compared with traditional methods of extractive metallurgy offers both a substantial simplification of the process and a significant reduction in energy consumption. MOE is also considered a promising(More)
Weyl superconductivity or superfluidity, a fascinating topological state of matter, features novel phenomena such as emergent Weyl fermionic excitations and anomalies. Here we report that an anisotropic Weyl superfluid state can arise as a low temperature stable phase in a 3D dipolar Fermi gas. A crucial ingredient of our model is a direction-dependent(More)
The low temperature correlation length and the static structure factor are computed for bilayer antiferromagnets such as YBa2Cu3O6. It is shown that energy integrated two-axis scan in neutron scattering experiments can be meaningfully interpreted to extract correlation length in such bilayer antiferromagnets despite intensity modulation in the momentum(More)
MicroRNAs represent a family of small endogenous, non-coding RNAs that play critical regulatory roles in plant growth, development, and environmental stress responses. Hami melon is famous for its attractive flavor and excellent nutritional value, however, the mechanisms underlying the fruit development and ripening remains largely unknown. Here, we(More)
We study the system of a dilute homogeneous bose gas with an attractive interaction within the variational wave-function approach. We find that the pairing phase is unstable against fluctuations in pairing. The system can collapse due to this pairing instability in addition to the well-known mechanical collapse. The critical temperatures of pairing(More)
Dimorphic seeds from Suaeda aralocaspica exhibit different germination behaviors that are thought to be a bet-hedging strategy advantageous in harsh and unpredictable environments. To understand the molecular mechanisms of Suaeda aralocaspica dimorphic seed germination, we applied RNA sequencing and small RNA sequencing for samples collected at three(More)