Lan Yin

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Recent research has led to rapid advances in stretchable electronics and optoelec-tronics technologies. [ 1–9 ] When implemented with high quality inorganic semiconductors, these systems can offer the performance of conventional wafer-based devices, but with the mechanics of a rubber band, to allow stretching, compressing , bending, twisting and conformal(More)
lifetimes. The materials and design layouts must be engineered carefully to meet this goal. A different kind of technology , referred to as transient electronics , [ 1 ] has, as a key characteristic, an opposite feature: it physically disappears at prescribed rates in a benign way when exposed, for example, to water in the environment or the body. Devices(More)
BACKGROUND A long-term existing schistosome infection can aid in maintaining immuno-homeostasis, thus providing protection against various types of autoimmune diseases to the infected host. Such benefits have often been associated with acute or egg stage infection and with the egg-induced Th2 response. However, since schistosome infection undergoes(More)
The use of neural stem cells (NSCs) or their progeny oligodendrocyte precursor cells (OPCs) represents a promising repair strategy for many neurological disorders. However, the molecular events and biological features during the transition from NSCs to OPCs remain unclear. In the present study, we isolated NSCs from the embryonic rat forebrain and induced(More)
pharmaceuticals that are activated upon exposure to the digestive tract; [ 11 ] the structures do not, however, exist as proper batteries, in the conventional sense, nor do they offer output powers useful for general classes of bioresorbable electronics. Magnesium (Mg) is, however, an appealing anode material due to its high energy density, long shelf-life(More)
Phage λ is one of the most studied biological models in modern molecular biology. Over the past 50 years quantitative experimental knowledge on this biological model has been accumulated at all levels: physics, chemistry, genomics, proteomics, functions, and more. All its components have been known to a great detail. The theoretical task has been to(More)
A recursive least squares algorithm is presented for short baseline GPS positioning using both carrier phase and code measurements. We take advantage of the structure of the problem to make the algorithm computationally efficient and use orthogonal transformations to ensure that the algorithm is numerically reliable. Details are given for computing position(More)
  • Lan Yin, Rikard Fristedt, Andrei Herdean, Katalin Solymosi, Martine Bertrand, Mats X. Andersson +4 others
  • 2012
Columbia-0 (Col-0), Wassilewskija-4 (Ws-4), and Landsberg erecta-0 (Ler-0) are used as background lines for many public Arabidopsis mutant collections, and for investigation in laboratory conditions of plant processes, including photosynthesis and response to high-intensity light (HL). The photosystem II (PSII) complex is sensitive to HL and requires repair(More)
Articles you may be interested in Fully complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor compatible nanoplasmonic slot waveguides for silicon electronic photonic integrated circuits Appl. Compact models considering incomplete voltage swing in complementary metal oxide semiconductor circuits at ultralow voltages: A circuit perspective on limits of switching energy(More)
It has been well accepted that glycans present in schistosomes are highly antigenic. However, it is not clear what kind of worm glycans can affect the infected host to mount IgG responses and whether mounted anti-glycan IgG responses are protective. The contribution of antigenicity by glycans was measured by using competitive ELISA assay in sera from(More)