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Parturitions in Wild White-Headed Langurs (Trachypithecus leucocephalus) in the Nongguan Hills, China
Two case studies stress the importance of the social context at parturition in group-living primates, and suggest that parity of parturients may influence birth-related behavior.
Characterization of DNA Topoisomerase-1 in Spodoptera exigua for Toxicity Evaluation of Camptothecin and Hydoxy-Camptothecin
These studies provide information of the S. exigua Topo1 gene and its amino acid polymorphism in insects and uncover some clues about potential mechanisms of CPT toxicity against insect pests.
In vitro study of novel gadolinium-loaded liposomes guided by GBI-10 aptamer for promising tumor targeting and tumor diagnosis by magnetic resonance imaging
The use of GBI-10 aptamer in this liposomal system was intended to result in increased accumulation of gadolinium at the periphery of C6 glioma cells, where the targeting extracellular matrix protein tenascin-C is overexpressed.
Preparation and In Vitro Evaluation of a MRI Contrast Agent Based on Aptamer-Modified Gadolinium-Loaded Liposomes for Tumor Targeting
The GmLs in this initial study were suggested to be a potential MRI contrast agent at 37°C for diagnosing tumors with the protein of tenascin-C over-expressed.
Coexpression of DNA Fragmentation Factor Subunits in E.coli by Two Incompatible Plasmids.
A novel method of coexpressing different proteins using two incompatible plasmids was developed and the cotransformant was cultured in liquid medium containing ampicillin and kanamycin for 14 h, and more than 75% of the cells were found to be resistant to the two antibiotics, that is, they carried both pET21a-DFF45 and pET28a-dFF40.
Recombinant Human DFF45 Inhibits Apoptosis-specific Endonuclease in a Cell-free System of Xenopus Egg Extracts.
Purified recombinant human DFF45, added into the apoptotic cell-free system of Xenopus egg extracts, could effectively inhibit both the digestion of lambdaDNA and the degradation of chromosomal DNA into nucleosomal fragments in the nuclei of chicken red blood cells.