Lan Vu

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Frequent pattern mining is an important problem in data mining with many practical applications. Current parallel methods for mining frequent patterns unstably perform for different database types and under-utilize the benefits of multi-core shared memory machines. We present ShaFEM, a novel parallel frequent pattern mining method, to address these issues.(More)
Aging in humans is associated with the decline of functional activities of the GH-insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) axis and the immune system. Because lymphocytes express GH-IGF-I, as well as GHRH and their respective receptors, restoration of this axis in age-advanced individuals, by the administration of GHRH, may enhance immune cell function. This(More)
BACKGROUND Rural-to-urban migration involves a high proportion of females because job opportunities for female migrants have increased in urban industrial areas. Those who migrate may be healthier than those staying in the village and they may benefit from better health care services at destination, but the 'healthy' effect can be reversed at destination(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence of modern contraceptive use is an important indicator that reflects accessibility to reproductive health services. Satisfying unmet needs for family planning alone could reduce the number of maternal deaths by almost a third. This study uses multiple data sources to examine multilevel factors associated with the use of modern(More)
  • Nn Phu Vu, Vien Cao, Lan Vu, Jude Cepero, Cepero Vu
  • 2014
This study examined factors that contributed to the success of online learners in an online professional development course. Research instruments included an online survey and learners' activity logs in an online professional development course for 512 in-service teachers. The findings showed that there were several factors affecting online learners'(More)