Lan Vu

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— A 10b 1GS/s ADC employing a single channel cascaded folding architecture is presented. Conversion speed of 1GS/s is attained by incorporating low-power distributed track-and-hold amplifiers after each folder. This ADC achieves a record 55.6dB peak SNDR and a 64dB peak SFDR and sustains a latency of one clock cycle. DNL and INL at 1GS/s sampling rate are(More)
— In this paper we prove that a switched nonlinear system has several useful ISS-type properties under average dwell-time switching signals if each constituent dynamical system is ISS. This extends available results for switched linear systems. We apply our result to stabilization of uncertain nonlinear systems via switching supervisory control, and show(More)
Frequent pattern mining is an important problem in data mining with many practical applications. Current parallel methods for mining frequent patterns unstably perform for different database types and under-utilize the benefits of multi-core shared memory machines. We present ShaFEM, a novel parallel frequent pattern mining method, to address these issues.(More)
— A technique for generating multiple mm-wave carrier frequencies is introduced, using simultaneous sub-harmonic injection locking of multiple VCOs to a single reference frequency. A prototype of 30GHz and 50GHz sub-harmonic injection-locked VCOs is realized in a 90nm digital CMOS process and able to lock from 2 nd to 8 th harmonic of the reference(More)
This study examined factors that contributed to the success of online learners in an online professional development course. Research instruments included an online survey and learners' activity logs in an online professional development course for 512 in-service teachers. The findings showed that there were several factors affecting online learners'(More)