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Some Convolution Formulae Related to the Second-Order Linear Recurrence Sequence
The main aim of this paper is that for any second-order linear recurrence sequence, the generating function of which is f ( t) = 1 1 + a t + b t 2 , we can give the exact coefficient expression of the power series expansion of f x ( t ) for x ∈ R with elementary methods and symmetry properties. Expand
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The Diophantine Equation 8x + p y = z 2
  • Lan Qi, X. Li
  • Mathematics, Medicine
  • TheScientificWorldJournal
  • 14 January 2015
Using certain results of exponential Diophantine equations, we prove that (i) if p ≡ ±3(mod  8), then the equation 8x + p y = z 2 has no positive integer solutions (x, y, z). Expand
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Effect of aggregate gradation and mortar rheology on static segregation of self-compacting concrete
Abstract Due to the high flowability of self-compacting concrete (SCC), compared with ordinary concrete, it is more prone to have stability problems and segregation. In order to study the segregationExpand
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On the Mean Value of Euler Function in a Special Set
  • Lan Qi
  • Mathematics
  • ICRA
  • 1 April 2014
Let n be a positive integer and k≥2, bk(n) denotes the k-th power complement fuction, we define a new set A.This paper is mainly to study the mean value properties of the Euler function in set A,andExpand
Existence and stability of positive steady-state solutions for a Lotka-Volterrasystem with intraspecific competition
In this paper, we investigate the existence and stability of the positivesteady-state solutions for a Lotka-Volterra system with intraspecific competition byusing the Lyapunov-Schmidt reductionExpand
Identities Involving the Fourth-Order Linear Recurrence Sequence
We introduce the fourth-order linear recurrence sequence and its generating function and obtain the exact coefficient expression of the power series expansion using elementary methods and symmetric properties of summation processes. Expand
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For a new result obtained by VanderWeele, please see the supplementary material attached to this correction.
Effect of seismic permanent deformation on safety and stability of earth-rock dam slope
In order to study the effect of seismic permanent deformation on the safety and stability of earth-rock dam, the permanent deformation is considered as the non-design permanent load, and theExpand
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