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During the last decades, there has been an acceleration of the loss of domestic animal biodiversity. For conservation purposes, the genetic diversity of the H'Mong cattle, an indigenous local breed was studied. Single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) of the SRY gene and mtDNA D-Loop sequence were analysed to clarify the origin of the breed. The genetic(More)
Since the second Indochina war, habitat destruction and overhunting has resulted in fragmentation of the remaining populations of Bos javanicus and B. gaurus. Nowadays, both species are in serious danger, especially the gaur. In Vietnam, where these species have become almost impossible to capture in the wild, non-invasive investigations are the only(More)
Three new steroid biglycosides, plancisides A-C (1-3), were isolated from the ethanolic extract of the starfish Acanthaster planci. The structures of 1-3 were determined by extensive NMR and ESI-MS techniques, as (24S)-28-O-[β-D-galactofuranosyl-(1-->5)-α-L-arabinofuranosyl]-24-methyl-5α-cholestane-3β, 4β, 6α, 8, 15α,16α, 28-heptol (1),(More)
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