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PURPOSE We propose a patient-specific algorithm for seizure prediction using multiple features of spectral power from electroencephalogram (EEG) and support vector machine (SVM) classification. METHODS The proposed patient-specific algorithm consists of preprocessing, feature extraction, SVM classification, and postprocessing. Preprocessing removes(More)
Visual exploration has proven to be a powerful tool for multivariate data mining and knowledge discovery. Most visualization algorithms aim to find a projection from the data space down to a visually perceivable rendering space. To reveal all of the interesting aspects of multimodal data sets living in a high-dimensional space, a hierarchical visualization(More)
PURPOSE This paper examines the effect of spatial aggregation error on statistical estimates of the association between spatial access to health care and late-stage cancer. METHODS Monte Carlo simulation was used to disaggregate cancer cases for two Illinois counties from zip code to census block in proportion to the age-race composition of the block(More)
As technology advances, new products (e.g., digital cameras, computer tablets) have become increasingly more complex. Researchers often face considerable challenges in understanding consumers' preferences for such products. The current research proposes an adaptive decompositional framework to elicit consumers' preferences for complex products. The proposed(More)
—an improved Ant colony optimization algorithm (PM-ACO for short) is proposed to solve the robot path planning problem. In PM-ACO, ants deposit pheromone on the nodes but not on the arcs, resulting in that the trails of pheromone become the form of marks, which consist of a series of pheromone points. After ant colony's tours, the iteration-best strategy is(More)
In this paper, we use a high-order iterated function generated by block cipher as the nonlinear filter to improve the security of stream cipher. Moreover, by combining the published rounds function in block cipher and OFB as the nonlinear functional mode with an extra memory module, we enable to control the nonlinear complexity of the design. This new(More)