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We assessed the neuroprotective effects of quercetin-feeding at doses of 5 and 10 mg/(kg day) on Kunming mice injected daily with D-gal (50 mg/(kg day)) by behavioral tests. Quercetin-fed mice showed higher activity upon induction by new environmental stimuli, lower anxiety and higher novelty-seeking behavior in the open field tasks, and significantly(More)
BACKGROUND Abnormal activity of STAT3 is associated with a number of human malignancies. Hsp90 plays a central role in stabilizing newly synthesized proteins and participates in maintaining the functional competency of a number of signaling transducers involved in cell growth, survival and oncogenesis, such as STAT3. Hsp90 interacts with STAT3 and(More)
To investigate the precise molecular mechanisms by which baicalein exerts beneficial biochemical activities in RAW264.7 macrophages treated with LPS. RAW264.7 cells were cultured in the absence or presence of baicalein together with or without LPS. iNOS and COX-2 expression were measured by western blot and RT-PCR analyses. TNF-α, IL-1β, and IL-6 were(More)
Most of scorpion toxins affecting voltage-gated K⁺ channels (KTxs) contain a functional dyad composed of a lysine and an aromatic amino acid separated by a suitable distance. By means of two-electrode voltage clamp technique, we describe functional characterization of two Mesobuthus martensii KTxs (BmP02 and BmP03) without the dyad. These two toxins differ(More)
The scorpion depressant toxins are a group of evolutionarily conserved polypeptides targeting sodium channels, which show preferential ability to induce flaccid paralysis in insects, making them attractive candidates for the construction of transgenic plants or viral vectors to control pests. In this study, two new depressant toxin-like peptides (BmKITc and(More)
Reporter genes, including green fluorescent protein (GFP), have been used to monitor the expression of transgenes introduced into vascular cells by gene transfer vectors. Here, we demonstrate that GFP by itself can selectively induce expression of certain genes in endothelial cells. Elevation of the cytoplasmic concentration of GFP in endothelial cells,(More)
BACKGROUND It was well known that the clinical use of chemotherapeutic drugs is restricted by severe adverse reactions and drug resistances. Thus it is necessary to figure out a strategy to increase the specific anti-tumor efficiency of chemotherapeutic drugs. Apigenin, a kind of flavonoids, has been reported to possess anticancer activities with very low(More)
PURPOSE This paper examines the effect of spatial aggregation error on statistical estimates of the association between spatial access to health care and late-stage cancer. METHODS Monte Carlo simulation was used to disaggregate cancer cases for two Illinois counties from zip code to census block in proportion to the age-race composition of the block(More)
In order to search for sulfated polysaccharides in different invertebrate connective tissues and to examine their biological activities, we have isolated three types of polysaccharides from the body wall of the three sea cucumbers Holothuria edulis, Apostichopus japonicas and Holothuria nobilis. The physicochemical properties and anticoagulant activities of(More)
The activation of the hedgehog pathway, which is an important signaling mechanism crucial in embryogenesis, has strong links to carcinogenesis. Aberrant regulation of this pathway can result in the development of tumors. The present study was designed to investigate Hh related protein expression in non-small cell lung cancers. Fifty five non-small cell lung(More)