Lan-Kun Chung

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In recent years, due to the rapid development of remote sensing technology, a single high-quality image will occupy larger storage space, and video has become so widespread in the usage of environmental observation and record. Hence, digital data is growing exponentially, and how to manage them and make image processing more effectively is a key issue in(More)
Taiwan is located at the collision boundary of the Philippine sea plate and the Eurasian plate. The mountain terrain is precipitous and the region, on the whole, is characterized by fragile rocks and frequent seismic activity. In addition, the concentrated torrential rainfall brought by typhoons cause extensive disasters, debris flow, the most serious(More)
This paper proposes a service integration model of service component architecture (SCA) that follows Service Oriented Architecture principles applied in services of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS integrates the different types of data to bring a broader, more comprehensive view to decision makers. We have successfully integrated SCA in the domain(More)
In recent years use of multimedia is increased astronomically for various purposes. Therefore the files which contains the color images need lots of storage space in computers hard disk. Thus it has become essential to reduce the size of color images by applying some compression techniques so that the transfer of color images over network becomes easier and(More)
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