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Causes analysis on cracks in nickel-based single crystal superalloy fabricated by laser powder deposition additive manufacturing
Abstract Additive manufacturing is an advanced forming method to fabricate complex components, while cracks appear in the deposited nickel-based single crystal superalloy samples undesirably. ThoughExpand
Electron microscopy studies of the age-hardening behaviors in 6005A alloy and microstructural characterizations of precipitates
Abstract High-resolution electron microscopy was used to research the age-hardening behaviors in 6005A alloy and the microstructural characterizations of precipitates. It was found that β″, β′ and Q′Expand
Tetragonal hematite single crystals as anode materials for high performance lithium ion batteries
Abstract Understanding the correlation between the desired morphology of nanostructures and its electrochemical properties is a prerequisite for widespread application of advanced energy materials.Expand
Cube-shaped Porous Carbon Derived from MOF-5 as Advanced Material for Sodium-Ion Batteries
Cube-shaped porous carbon (CPC) was obtained from the carbonization of MOF-5 (Zn4O(OOCC6H4COO)3) crystals and shows abundant micro/mesopores, high mechanical strength, largest surface area (2316 m2Expand
Characterization of hot deformation behavior of AA2014 forging aluminum alloy using processing map
Abstract The hot deformation behavior of AA2014 forging aluminum alloy was investigated by isothermal compression tests at temperatures of 350–480 °C and strain rates of 0.001–1 s −1 on aExpand
Effects of strain amount and strain rate on grain structure of a novel high Co nickel-based polycrystalline superalloy
Abstract The development of nickel-based superalloys with high Co addition has aroused widespread interest recently owing to their potential application in hot sections of gas turbine. However, howExpand
Three-Dimensional Hierarchical Framework Assembled by Cobblestone-Like CoSe2@C Nanospheres for Ultrastable Sodium-Ion Storage.
From the detailed kinetic analysis, it is clear that the surface-controlled electrochemical behavior mainly contributes to the excellent large-current cycling stability and Na storage capacity and ex situ results support that the crystal and morphological structure remains stable. Expand
Enhanced stability of sodium storage exhibited by carbon coated Sb2S3 hollow spheres
Abstract Antimony sulfide (Sb2S3) has been shown as a promising candidate for sodium ions batteries, in considering the gravimetric energy density and high theoretical capacity. Hollow-sphere Sb2S3Expand
Controlling grain size via dynamic recrystallization in an advanced polycrystalline nickel base superalloy
Abstract Controlling grain size in polycrystalline nickel base superalloy is of paramount importance in optimizing hot-working process and achieving the desirable mechanical properties. Typically, aExpand
Corrosion behaviour of CoCrMo alloy fabricated by electron beam melting
Abstract Electrochemical and static immersion tests in 1 mass% lactic acid solution are performed to investigate the corrosion behaviour of CoCrMo alloy fabricated by electron beam melting withExpand