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More than a hundred of loci (genes) affect the development of mouse and human hair. A locus of Uncv (uncovered) has been confirmed to be involved in hairlessness for homozygote and sparse hair for heterozygote. Except hairlessness(or called uncovered coat), the homozygote was also accompanied by growth retard and puberty delay. Identification of the(More)
AIM Recently, more SARS-CoV virus genome sequences are released to the GenBank database. The aim of this study is to reveal the evolution forces of SARS-CoV virus by analyzing the nucleotide mutations in these sequences. METHODS We obtained 20 SARS-CoV virus genome sequences from NCBI database, and calculated the ratio of non-synonymous nucleotide(More)
PURPOSE To investigate IRF6 gene mutation in a van Der Woude syndrome (VWS) family in Henan province. METHODS PCR and DNA sequencing was employed to detect the mutation of IRF6.Secondary construction transformation analysis was performed using PIX-Protein Identification software. RESULTS A CGC>TGC(r.279c-->t) transversion of IRF6 was identified in(More)
This research was performed to investigate the relationship between 16 candidate genes responsible for dopaminergic transmission or iron metabolism and familial restless legs syndrome. Genotyping was performed in a Han restless legs syndrome family using the technique of fluorescence-based genescan with the microsatellite markers selected in chromosomal(More)
Apoptosis is the process of programmed cell death (PCD) that occurs in multicellular organisms. This process of normal cell death is required to maintain the balance of homeostasis. In addition, some diseases, such as obesity, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases, can be cured through apoptosis, which produces few side effects. An effective comprehension(More)
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