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Pacing toward converged voice and data networks, the IP over WDM/OTN network architecture supported by MPLS satisfies the advanced next-generation network requirements to provide fast, reliable, and flexible connectivity services. Acknowledging .the advantages of networks that utilize the above technologies, operators evolve their networks in that(More)
This paper outlines the initial architectural results of WINMAN 1 , an European research and development project started in July 2000, whose aim is to offer an 1 The "WDM and IP Network Management (WINMAN)" [1] project is co-funded by the European Community under the IST Programme. The partners of the WINMAN consortium are: Lucent integrated network(More)
We compare three quadrature imbalance compensation algorithms for coherent PDM-QPSK systems, including a novel, blind, adaptive equalizer. We show that dedicated quadrature imbalance compensation is mandatory and cannot be performed by regular distortion mitigating equalizers. 1. Introduction Coherent phase-diversity receivers suffer from quadrature(More)
Most trends in IP-WDM integration exhibit the volition to extend the distributed Internet network control approach to the Optical Layer using signalling mechanisms either in an Overlay model or a Peer model. This paper proposes an alternative approach for providing Internet services over the Optical Transport Network by extending the telecom-style network(More)
The management of heterogeneous and hybrid networks has been always a challenge for network operators. Different frameworks and architectural approaches have been proposed and investigated in the literature. The purpose of this paper is to present the evaluation results of an integrated network management solution for the provisioning and maintenance of IP(More)