Lamont Brown

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Situation awareness is the key to security. Awareness requires information that spans multiple scales of space and time. Smart video surveillance systems are capable of enhancing situational awareness across multiple scales of space and time. However, at the present time, the component technologies are evolving in isolation. To provide comprehensive,(More)
Media Access Control (MAC) address randomization is a privacy technique whereby mobile devices rotate through random hardware addresses in order to prevent observers from singling out their traffic or physical location from other nearby devices. Adoption of this technology, however, has been sporadic and varied across device manufacturers. In this paper, we(More)
It is becoming increasingly clear that it is humanly impossible to analyze a deluge of data from cameras and other sensors in a variety of applications including surveillance, railroad inspection, driver assistance. The practical systems that we built, although in pursuit of different business objectives, share a common goal, which is to intelligently and(More)
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