Lamiya Al-Shanfari

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This paper suggests different methods for visualising uncertainty in open learner models (OLM). In order to visualise the uncertainty in OLMs, two factors need to be measured, namely the source of the uncertainty in the data and the level of uncertainty in the learner model. This paper proposes a method to detect the source of uncertainty within a learner(More)
This paper introduces learner model negotiation not only as a means to increase the accuracy of the learner model and promote metacognitive activities as in past examples, but also as a way to help learners correct peer assessment entries in their learner model, that they consider inaccurate. While open learner models are not new, and negotiated learner(More)
Preface Technological advances in the use of artificial intelligence in education (AIED) over the past two decades have enabled the development of highly effective, deployable learning environments that support learners across a wide range of domains and age groups. Alongside, mass access to and adoption of modern communication technologies have made it(More)
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