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During the last decades, the matching operation has been thoroughly studied in database systems and ontology development. Matching is critical in many application domains such as semantic web, schema and data integration, data translation. In the Model Driven Engineering (MDE) context, matching techniques between two metamodels are the centerpiece of a(More)
Benchmarking remains an important area for several computer science domains. In this paper, we present a benchmarking software tool called M<sup>2</sup>BenchMatch (MetaModel Benchmark Matching); it is intended to assist the expert to select a metamodel matching technique for a given couple of metamodels to be matched. It produces values for quality metrics.(More)
The Model Driven Engineering (MDE) has been proposed to support the development, maintenance and evolution of software systems. In this context several approaches for transformation models have been proposed in the literature. They suffer from two major limitations: i) they have been tested on homogeneous metamodels (e.g., Ecore, UML, Minjava, Kermeta ...),(More)
One relevant issue in metamodel matching is how to select the most suitable matching technique to execute for a given couple of metamodels, and how to adjust parameters (e.g., threshold, F-measure, quality). In this paper, we present a flexible method for selecting the most appropriate metamodel matching technique for a given couple of metamodels. The(More)
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