Lamine Fadiga

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This paper addresses the problem of H∞ output feedback control of commensurate Fractional Order Systems (FOS) of order 1 < ν < 2. Along the lines of recent work on H∞ norm computation for FOS, an extension of Bounded Real Lemma for FOS is proposed. This lemma is used to derive a method to design H∞ output feedback control laws. The efficiency of this method(More)
This paper tackles the problem of H-infinity (H∞) norm computation for a commensurate Fractional Order System (FOS). First, H∞ norm definition is given for FOS and Hamiltonian matrix of a FOS is computed. Two methods based on this Hamiltonian matrix are then proposed to compute the FOS H∞ norm: one based on a dichotomy algorithm and another one on LMI(More)
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