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A 39-year-old Asian woman was admitted to hospital with persistent, heavy vaginal bleeding following an uncomplicated first trimester surgical termination of pregnancy (STOP). Her heavy bleeding continued after the STOP and she had recurrent hospital admissions which included two procedures to evacuate presumed retained products of conception. She(More)
A 63-year-old mother of two, presented with blood-stained vaginal discharge and right sided lower abdominal pain. A MRI examination confirmed a right parametrial mass, abutting the lateral margin of the uterus and the patient had a total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy. Histological examination diagnosed a cotyledonoid leiomyoma,(More)
Patients with complex medical problems should be counselled about the need for highly effective contraception. As failure resulting in pregnancy, could cause significant morbidity and mortality. The LNG–IUS has gained great popularity and generally has a low side effect profile; however, perforation of the uterus and migration of the device is a potentially(More)
This case describes a 71 year old, post-menopausal woman who developed vaginal discharge. This complaint ultimately led to the discovery of bowel cancer in conjunction with a large sterile pyometra.The pyometra was not due to genital malignancy. The most likely conclusion is that the pyometra may have arisen as an inflammatory response to the adjacent bowel(More)
To determine the most common causes of blindness and the age of onset of these conditions among Jordanians of Irbid, a study of all registered members in two societies for the care of the blind was carried out. Of all registered members, 185 individuals were blind according to the World Health Organization definition and satisfied our inclusion criteria. It(More)
Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) typically results from ascending infection through the endocervix, from the lower to the upper genital tract. This leads to inflammation of the endometrium, uterus, fallopian tubes, adnexal structures or pelvic peritoneum. PID accounts for one in 60 GP consultations by women under 45. The long-term effects of PID include(More)
A peri-menopausal woman presented with symptoms and signs suggestive of fibroids. She was fit and healthy with no significant past medical history. She consented to having a hysterectomy but her surgery was performed prior to any diagnostic imaging being done.At surgery there was an unexpected finding of disseminated carcinoma, diffusely infiltrating the(More)
One hundred and ninety four children with ocular injuries were admitted to the Eye Department at Ibn Sina Hospital, Kuwait during a 1-year period (1983). They represented 8.7% of total admissions and 56% of all ocular injuries admitted in the same period. These figures are higher than any previously reported figures in comparable series. The risk of severe(More)
BACKGROUND Globally cervical cancer kills millions of women every year. There is a wealth of evidence suggesting that cervical screening is one of the best defences against the development of cervical cancer. Lives could be saved if medical practitioners make a point of routinely enquiring about the date and result of the patient's last cervical smear test(More)
A complete ophthalmic examination was carried out of 46 Arab children with various forms of sickle cell disease. Mild and infrequent signs in anterior and posterior segments were found, but no cases of sickle cell retinopathy of any kind were detected. These results were compared with the reported findings in black American children of African origin with(More)