Lamiaa Fathi Hussein

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Bioinformatics applications represent an increasingly important workload to improve the programs of sequence analysis. It can be used to assign function to genes and proteins by the study of the similarities between the compared sequences. This paper introduces a modified implementation of bioinformatics algorithm for sequence alignment .The implemented(More)
Background: JCV is a DNA polyomavirus identified in human cancers. In Egypt, very limited data about presence of JC polyomavirus in immunocompromised cancer patients. Here, we investigated JCV infection and viral DNA load in Egyptian patients with different tumors and its possible correlation with outcome of the disease. Patients and Methods: Fifty blood(More)
The activity of hepatic lysine-2-oxoglutarate reductase was determined in white female rats maintained on one of two dietary lysine levels (0.23 and 0.54% in diets A and B, respectively). The high dietary lysine increased the enzyme activity (p less than 0.05) twofold compared with the activity obtained with the diet A (67 vs. 27 mumol saccharopine/30 min/g(More)
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