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Increased expression of the long non-coding RNA UCA1 in tongue squamous cell carcinomas: a possible correlation with cancer metastasis.
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to examine the expression of several cancer-related long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) in patients with tongue squamous cell carcinoma (TSCC) and to explore itsExpand
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The Functional Variant in the 3'UTR of IGF1 with the Risk of Gastric Cancer in a Chinese Population
Background/Aims: IGF-1 can act as an endocrine hormone and its signaling server as essential roles in regulating tumorigenesis. Polymorphisms in IGF-1 have been reported associated bad prognosis ofExpand
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Bismuth terephthalate induced Bi(0) for enhanced RhB photodegradation and 4-nitrophenol reduction
Abstract A facile reductive method was used to prepare the semimetal Bi (0) through reacting Bi(NO 3 ) 3 with NaI. The Bi (0) incorporated bismuth terephthalate hybrids were prepared from twoExpand
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One-step construction of Pickering emulsion via commercial TiO2 nanoparticles for photocatalytic dye degradation
Abstract Pickering emulsion (PE) stabilized by semiconductors for photocatalysis applications has received growing endorsement over the last decade due to its high interfacial activity. However,Expand
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Multiple halide anion doped layered bismuth terephthalate with excellent photocatalysis for pollutant removal
In order to improve the photocatalytic activities of layered MOF bismuth terephthalate, five multiple halide anion doped bismuth terephthalate composites were prepared by doping three or four halideExpand
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[Suppression of tumor growth induced by human 4-1BBL-B7-H3 gene in reconstructed immune function in severe combined immunodeficient mice].
OBJECTIVE The non-specific antitumor immunity effect of 4-1BBL-B7-H3 gene was investigated by establishing an oral squamous cell carcinoma human peripheral blood lymphocyte-severe combinedExpand
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Preparation and Enrichment Properties of Magnetic Dodecyl Chitosan/Silica Composite for Emerging Bisphenol Contaminants
Magnetic dodecyl chitosan/silica composite was synthesized and characterized for the enrichment of emerging bisphenol contaminants. The result demonstrated that bispehnol A, bisphenol AF, bisphenolExpand
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