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The study presented here considers arrangement and management policies to improve the order picking procedure in the existing company warehouse. The study was conducted in a timber goods production and trading company. The main objective was to reduce the overall picking time that is quite high due to the lack of proper management and the nature of the(More)
Proper bicycle fit is very important for cycling performance, efficiency, comfort and injury prevention. This is especially true in the case of children cyclists that do not have the necessary cycling experience, balance and the fully developed musculoskeletal system of the adults. Bicycle fit depends on both the design and dimensions of the bicycle as well(More)
This paper discusses the ergonomic improvements that can be incorporated in the design of a bicycle, a bike of rural people. The suggested design modifications for the improved ergonomics in the bicycle are lateral movement of the seat to ensure optimum distance between the rider's body and the handle, introduction of a back rest while simultaneously(More)
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