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Good communication between nurses and patients is essential for the successful outcome of individualized nursing care of each patient. To achieve this, however, nurses must understand and help their patients, demonstrating courtesy, kindness and sincerity. Also they should devote time to the patient to communicate with the necessary confidentiality, and(More)
Introduction: Holistic medicine and holistic nursing aim at the improvement of healing of the individual as a bio-psycho-social unity, from birth until death. Aim: To search for current data on the value and applications of holistic nursing, placing emphasis on the field of psychiatry. Literature review: International data bases and internet were searched(More)
Medical researches as well as the study of the Earth's surface, better still, geography are interlinked with each other; their relationship dates from antiquity. The science of Geographic Information Systems and, by extension, Geomatics engineering belongs to a discipline which is constantly developing at a global level. This sector has many applications(More)
  • L Kourkouta
  • 1998
From the beginning of the Christian Era, nurses in Byzantium were female and belonged to the Church. These women were called deaconesses and received no payment. Later on, there were professional nurses; the men were called hypourgoi and the women hypourgisses. Their main duties were: Psychological support of patients, everyday care of patients' bodily(More)
Ancient Greek physicians as well as philosophers were fully cognizant of a human being's psychological function and used their particular art to influence individual or social behavior in accordance with their pursuit. This art or technique favorably compares with several of the methods currently called supportive psychotherapy. This psychotherapy was the(More)
It has been long recognised that Byzantium was the cradle of hospital care. Most of the hospitals, called Xenones, were annexed to monasteries. The nursing staff were either volunteers or paid personnel. Professional nursing personnel were used for the first time in Byzantium hospitals. Many terms were used to describe the personnel in these hospitals and(More)
INTRODUCTION Burnout is usually defined as a state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion that results from long-term involvement in work situations that are emotionally demanding. A great deal of researches has been devoted to the understanding of factors contributing to burnout and the negative effects that burnout has in the cost and the quality of(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES It is widely recognized that Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients have a greater likelihood of developing pressure ulcers in comparison to hospital or home care patients. Accordingly, this study aimed to evaluate whether specific clinical characteristics could be used as clinical indicators towards pressure ulcers prevention. METHOD We(More)
BACKGROUND General satisfaction is a personal experience and sources of satisfaction or dissatisfaction vary between professional groups. General satisfaction is usually related with work settings, work performance and mental health status. AIM The purpose of this research study was to investigate the level of general satisfaction of health care workers(More)