Lambert R.B. Schomaker

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The human reader of handwriting is unaware of the amount of background knowledge that is constantly being used by a massive parallel computer, his brain, to decipher cursive script. Articial cursive script recognizers do not have access to a comparable source of knowledge or of comparable computational power to perform top-down processing. Therefore, in an(More)
This study investigates the spectral coherence and time-domain correlation between pen pressure (axial pen force, APF) and several kinematic variables in drawing simple patterns and in writing cursive script. Two types of theories are prevalent: " biomechan-ical " and " central " explanations for the force variations during writing. Findings show that(More)
Power spectral density analysis was applied to the frequency content of the acceleration signal of pen movements in line drawing. The relative power in frequency bands between 1 and 32 Hz was measured as a function of motoric and anatomic task demands. Results showed a decrease of power at the lower frequencies (1-4 Hz) of the spectrum and an increase in(More)
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