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In this article Power Spectral Density Analysis of the velocity profile of handwriting tasks is applied to estimate movement noise in poor and proficient writers. It is hypothesized that poor writers are less effective in the inhibition of neuromotor noise. Evidence for this theory is found in an analysis of electronically sampled handwriting movements of(More)
Power spectral density analysis was applied to the frequency content of the acceleration signal of pen movements in line drawing. The relative power in frequency bands between 1 and 32 Hz was measured as a function of motoric and anatomic task demands. Results showed a decrease of power at the lower frequencies (1-4 Hz) of the spectrum and an increase in(More)
Changes in the EMG power spectrum during static fatiguing contractions are often attributed to changes in muscle fibre action potential conduction velocity. Mathematical models of the EMG power spectrum, which have been empirically confirmed, predict that under certain conditions a distinct maximum occurs in the low-frequency part of the spectrum,(More)
A handwriting pattern is considered as a sequence of ballistic strokes. Replications of a pattern may be generated from a single, higher-level memory representation, acting as a motor program. Therefore, those stroke features which show the most invariant pattern are probably related to the parameters of the higher-level representation, whereas the more(More)
How do we select combinations of limb segments to carry out physical tasks? Three possible determinants of limb-segment selection are hypothesized here: (1) optimal amplitudes and frequencies of motion for the effectors; (2) preferred movement axes for the effectors; and (3) a tendency to continue using already-recruited limb-segments. We tested these(More)
In automatic recognition of unrestricted handwriting the ambiguities can be solved by top-down processing. However, automatic systems never have access to the extended background knowledge available to human readers. In order to replace this higher-level information we need to improve the reliability of the bottom-up processing. A handwriting-recognition(More)
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