Lambert Farand

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BACKGROUND Primary care improvement is the cornerstone of current reforms. Mental disorders (MDs) are a leading cause of morbidity worldwide and widespread in industrialised countries. MDs are treated mainly in primary care by general practitioners (GPs), even though the latter ability to detect, diagnose, and treat patients with MDs is often considered(More)
Background In the context of the high prevalence and impact of mental disorders worldwide, and less than optimal utilisation of services and adequacy of care, strengthening primary mental healthcare should be a leading priority. This article assesses the state of collaboration among general practitioners (GPs), psychiatrists and psychosocial mental(More)
BACKGROUND Psychopathology is the main risk factor for adolescent suicide but several studies have shown that only a small proportion of suicide victims receive mental health care during the months preceding their suicide. The goal of this study is to describe the utilization of medical services by Quebec adolescent suicide victims during the year preceding(More)
Objective The article assesses variables associated with general practitioners (GPs) taking on patients suffering from common mental disorders (CMD).Method The study is based on a sample of 398 GPs, representative of the 7199 equivalent full-time GPs practising in Quebec, the second-largest province of Canada. GPs were asked to answer a 143-item(More)
Mental health services are in the midst of change in different countries. In Quebec (Canada), the government has adopted a Mental Health Action Plan (2005-2010). In this context, 2 psychiatric institutions have developed and implemented a mental health services organization model based on diagnosis-related mental health programs and support for frontline(More)
OBJECTIVE To document the management of mental health problems (MHPs) by general practitioners. DESIGN A mixed-method study consisting of a self-administered questionnaire and qualitative interviews. An analysis was also performed of Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec administrative data on medical procedures. SETTING Quebec. PARTICIPANTS Overall,(More)
In light of growing demands for public accountability, the broadening scope of health technology assessment organizations (HTAOs) activities and their increasing role in decision-making underscore the importance for them to demonstrate their performance. Based on Parson's social action theory, we propose a conceptual model that includes four functions an(More)
In the Province of Quebec (Canada), adolescents involved with the child welfare and juvenile justice systems committed at least one third of all completed suicides in their age group in 1995 and 1996. Their risk of suicide, standardized for age and sex, was five times that of the general adolescent population, and female juvenile delinquents had the highest(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES Mental health is one of the leading causes of morbidity worldwide. Its impact in terms of cost and loss of productivity is considerable. Improving the efficiency of mental health care system has thus been a high priority for decision makers. In the context of current reforms that privilege the reinforcement of primary mental health(More)