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The incidence of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) has been rising, but the causes of ASD remain largely unidentified. Collective data have implicated the increased human exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) in the increasing incidence of ASD. There are established biological effects of extremely low-frequency (ELF) EMF, but the relation to ASD is not(More)
The effect of a static magnetic field on human erythrocytes at different hemoglobin states (normal, oxidized and reduced hemoglobin) was investigated. Three different blood samples, normal, iron deficiency anemic and beta thalassemia minor, were studied. Measurements of the magnetization curves of the erythrocytes for all blood samples in all states showed(More)
An experimental technique to evaluate the elastic limit for rabbit skin is developed and described. The experimental technique is designed to measure small changes in the normalized reflectivity as a function of applied stretch, with a laser wavelength of 632.8 nm and power of 1 mW. When the samples of rabbit skin are stretched, the reflectivity increases(More)
A study of the external background radiation in areas affected by NORM generated by oil and gas industrial activities has been performed in the Kingdom of Bahrain. In this framework, two experimental residential areas, Awali and Riffa Views, were selected due to the presence of extensive oil and gas exploration and transportation. Additionally, two control(More)
In this study we report on magnetic orientation of human sperms. Samples were taken from 17 donors. Normal human sperms became oriented with their long axis perpendicular to the magnetic field (1 T maximum). Total orientation was achieved with magnetic field of about 1 T, while for abnormal sperms the magnetic behavior was different. The dependence of the(More)
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