Lama Hamandi

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Social networks contain large amounts of posts of different data types (text, images, sounds and videos). Textual posts express authors' opinions (with or against) or feeling (love, hate, optimism, pessimism, or anger). Such opinions are important for commercial and governmental organization since they help checking public opinion about a product, policy or(More)
Automatic recognition of printed and handwritten documents remains an active area of research. Arabic is one of the languages that present special problems. Arabic is cursive and therefore necessitates a segmentation process to determine the boundaries of a character. Arabic characters consist of multiple disconnected parts. Dots and Diacritics are used in(More)
Automatic detection and recognition of traffic signs is an important tool in intelligent vehicles. It allows more autonomous vehicles and it can alert the driver to possible hazards and changes in the road. In this paper we focus on the recognition of a wide set of triangular traffic signs using a novel algorithm, the Number of Peaks. Once a traffic sign is(More)
In this paper, the “character recognition” approach to recognizing a vehicle license plate is used for localizing Saudi license plates. The proposed algorithm filters out all possible objects from the license plate image and focuses on the resulting objects. The coordinates of the center point of the bounding box for these objects is calculated and then(More)
Web page evaluation systems are needed to evaluate the accessibility of websites. Such evaluation is important so that website administrators can change their websites so people with disabilities would be able to use them. Currently, such systems produce varying results that are not always useful for website administrators. Moreover it is difficult to(More)
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