Lama H. Chandrasena

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This paper presents a highly energy efficient alternative algorithm to the conventional workload averaging technique for voltage quantized dynamic voltage scaling. This algorithm incorporates the strengths of the conventional workload averaging technique and our previously proposed Rate Selection Algorithm, resulting in higher energy savings while(More)
In this paper we propose a novel rate calculation algorithm called <italic>Quantized Rate Selection (QRS)</italic> for quantized undithered dynamic supply voltage scaling (DSVS) systems. The algorithm monitors the total buffered workload, and where possible <italic>selects</italic> a ratevalue equal to a quantized rate value. At quantized rate values,(More)
E-mail prioritization involves placing all of the ‘useful’ or ‘good’ unread e-mails at the top of the inbox, and all of the bad ones at the bottom. We use two cognitive decision models—a rational model, which considers all of the available information, and a fast and frugal model that uses one reason decision making— to prioritize e-mails. Experimental(More)
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