Lalramnghaki Pachuau

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The higher oxidation state of iron, i.e. Fe(VI), was exploited to treat the synthetic wastewater containing Zn(II)-NTA. The decomposition of Zn(II)-NTA by Fe(VI) was investigated with the help of analytical data obtained for the change in Fe(VI) concentration, dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and total soluble Zn(II) concentration as a function of time at(More)
Remediation of wastewater contaminated with metal(II)-complexed species (Cu(II)-NTA (NTA: nitrilotriacetic acid), Cu(II)-EDTA (EDTA: ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid) and Cd(II)-EDTA is attempted using the potential applicability of ferrate(VI). Kinetics of pollutant degradation is obtained with the removal of ferrate(VI) studied at wide range of pH(More)
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