Lalitha Viswanath

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BACKGROUND The enormity of the information contained in large data sets makes it difficult to develop intuitive understanding. It would be useful to have software that allows visualization of possible correlations between properties that can be associated with a core data set. In the case of bacterial genomes, existing visualization tools focus on either(More)
The presented work aims to identify major research topics, relationships between members of the community, and trends over time in the IV Contest 2004 data set. Co-author, paper-citation, word co-occurrence and burst analyses were used to analyze the data set. The results are visually presented as sample graphs, static Pajek [1] visualizations and(More)
BACKGROUND Good statistical models for analyzing and simulating multilocus recombination data exist but are not accessible to many biologists because their use requires reasonably sophisticated mathematical and computational implementation. While some labs have direct access to statisticians or programmers competent to carry out such analyses, many labs do(More)
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