Lalita Noronha-Blob

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The relationships between activation of muscarinic receptors in guinea pig bladder measured as carbachol-stimulated inositol phosphate (IP) accumulation, oxotremorine-induced adenylate cyclase (AC) inhibition and bladder detrusor smooth muscle contraction determined in vitro as well as in vivo in the slow filling cystometrogram (CMG), were analyzed from the(More)
Oxybutynin (Ditropan) is widely utilized in treatment of incontinence due to neurogenic bladder dysfunction. We prepared its R and S enantiomers and evaluated their antimuscarinic, Ca++-channel antagonistic and spasmolytic effects in guinea pig detrusor strips and ileal longitudinal muscle. Ussing chambers were used to assess inhibition of carbachol-induced(More)
Endotoxin challenge causes metabolic dysfunction mediated by TNF, and sequestration of leukocytes. NPC 15669, N-carboxy-L-leucine, N-[2,7-dimethylfluoren-9-yl)methyl] ester, inhibits leukocyte recruitment into inflammatory lesions in animals, and inhibits endotoxin-induced neutropenia and lymphopenia in mice. This study was carried out to determine whether(More)
The major side effects of racemic oxybutynin (OXY), which is used in the treatment of urinary incontinence are dry mouth (xerostomia) and blurred vision (mydriasis). Highly purified enantiomers of OXY [(R)OXY, (S)OXY] were compared with the racemate both in vitro in functional studies and in vivo in guinea pigs to evaluate their pharmacological action(More)
A new class of substituted 1-phenyl-3-piperazinyl-2-propanones with antimuscarinic activity is reported. As part of a structure-activity relationship study of this class, various structural modifications, particularly ones involving substitution of position 1 and the terminal piperazine nitrogen, were investigated. The objective of this study was to derive(More)
N-[9H-(2,7-dimethylfluoren-9-ylmethoxy)carbonyl]-L-leucine (NPC 15669), a leukocyte recruitment inhibitor, was investigated for its ability to enhance survival in a rat model of sepsis, fecal peritonitis. Infusion of NPC 15669 (3 mg kg-1 hr-1 i.v.) for 19, 24 or 48 hr or three to four bolus injections (10 mg/kg) at 2- or 6-hr intervals along with gentamicin(More)
Two membrane proteins, maltase and gp330 (the pathogenic antigen of Heymann nephritis), present in the proximal tubule brush border have recently been independently purified and found to be large glycoproteins of similar molecular weight (Mr = approximately 300,000) by SDS PAGE. To determine the relationship between the two, monoclonal antibodies raised(More)
Five decapeptides were prepared, each having the generic primary sequence D-Arg0-Arg1-Pro2-Hyp3-Gly4-Thi5-Ser6-X7 -Y8-Arg9. A C-terminal beta-turn was anticipated when X was an alkyl ether of D-4-hydroxyproline in either the cis or trans geometric state and Y was either a Tic or Oic residue. Whereas cis ethers have only very weak receptor affinities, the(More)
Phosphate uptake by the cultured kidney epithelial cell (LLC-PK1) was studied. The uptake was Na+ dependent, saturable with respect to phosphate and Na+, and energy dependent. The characteristics of the cell uptake system resembled the properties of phosphate transport in the kidney. Parathyroid hormone, dibutyryl cyclic AMP, and forskolin decreased(More)