Lalit V. Patil

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Estimating cost is a very wearisome activity in all aspect. A person with broad scope and good thinking for the future makes more precise decisions. It helps in governing and planning the software risks which are admirably correct and precise. In 1960 regression analysis and mathematical formulae were practiced to determine cost. We need to think more than(More)
Software companies ensure to complete the project within time and cost, for which good planning and thinking is required. Software project estimation is a form of problem solving which cannot be solved in a single piece of data by using some formulae. Decomposition of the problem helps in concentrating on smaller parts so that they are not missed. It aids(More)
Software cost estimation predicts the amount of effort and development time required to build the system. Instead of just putting values into giving equation to calculate the cost and effort, we require more work on a scale and cost drivers to increase the accuracy of software cost estimation. The Software cost estimation process depends on the attributes(More)
One of the most important issues in effort estimation is accuracy of size measure methods, because accuracy of estimation depends upon the accurate prediction of size. Prediction of size is depends upon project data,Most of the time in initial stages project data is imperfect and ambiguous this leads to imprecision in its output thereby resulting in(More)
  • A . D . Sawaimul, S . S . Ghule, +4 authors M . R . Hadge
  • 2009
The study was conducted to analyzes the status of dog owners Akola, Buldana and Amaravati cities of Maharashtra with respect to there profession, income group, purpose of keeping and about residential accommodation of dog owners.
The present investigation was carried out to study, preference of breeds and feeding practices for dog rearing in Nagpur of Maharashtra.The result reveled that German shepherd is the most popular followed by Great Dane. Mostly mix feeding for 2 and 3 times daily was practiced in the city. Vaccination of dog found to be a routine practice, in city.
Most of the developers indulged in the coding phase of SDLC, try to copy the code that occurs again and again in the code, hence it becomes difficult to maintain the cloned data. If two functions or templates from a single source code are similar then it would be referred as “code clones”. Cloning in the code can lead to the obstacles in the maintenance(More)
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