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This paper describes a beacon assisted discovery mechanism for self-organizing hierarchical ad-hoc networks. The discovery protocol, which operates between the medium access control (MAC) and network layers, is responsible for topology formation in the ad-hoc network taking into account performance objectives such as throughput, delay, energy consumption(More)
* Research supported in part by NJ Commission of Science and Technology Grant #03-2042-007-12, and in part by a grant from Cisco University Programs Abstract This paper describes the design and implementation of a novel 802.11-based self-organizing hierarchical ad-hoc wireless network (SOHAN), and presents some initial experimental results obtained from a(More)
Security involving communications and networks is not as simple as it might first appear to the novice. Current intrusion detection and prevention systems seek to detect a wide class of network intrusions (e.g., DoS attacks, worms, port scans) at network vantage points. Unfortunately, even today, many IDS systems we know of keep per-connection or per-flow(More)
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