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Firewalls are generally used to protect private network from unauthorized access. The software based firewalls commonly use large number of rules to govern acceptance or discarding of packets exchanged. Such rules can be implemented in access control lists (ACLs) in the firewalls commonly known as packet filters. These access control rules define contents(More)
Ever increasing use of web application creates the number of threats and vulnerability in e-community. 81% of hacking attacks are directed towards web applications, which impose a great security threat to online banking, e-commerce and other organizations. Most of traditional Intrusion Detection Systems are useful for network layer attacks detection and(More)
Many service providers are offering Web services having similar functionality and differing in non-functional aspects. Selection of appropriate web service meeting the functional requirement and satisfying the non-functional (QoS) constraints is an important and difficult task. This process of Web services selection also determines the performance of Web(More)
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