Lalit Mohan

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The bibliography: 'Libraries, Archives & Information Technology' consisting 5802 publications during the period 1970-1990 encompassing (i) literature originated and published in India; (ii) literature published by Indians in foreign countries; (iii) literature published by foreign professionals on India; and (iv) literature of general interest on South Asia(More)
This paper attempts to provide detailed quantitative analysis of Indian contributions on thorium in terms of publications output as per International Nuclear Information System database during 1970-2004. A total of 2399 papers were published by the Indian scientists in the field of thorium. There were only nine publications in 1970. Thereafter, a steady(More)
BACKGROUND At the Manipal College of Medical Sciences, Pokhara, Nepal, Pharmacology is taught during the first four semesters of the undergraduate medical course. Personal or P-drug selection is an important exercise. The present study was carried out to obtain student opinion about the P-drug learning sessions, the assessment examinations, and on the small(More)
Scientrometric analysis of 1733 papers published by the teams comprising total of 926 participating scientists at Chemistry Division of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) during 1970-1999 in the domains: Radiation & Photochemistry and Chemical Dynamics (649), Solid State Studies (558), Inorganic, Structural and Materials Chemistry (460) and Theoretical(More)
  • Sanjeev Kumar Shah, Vinay Negi, Sandeep Singh, Manish Kumar, Lalit Mohan
  • 2013
— This paper describes the calculation and simulation results of the Doppler effect on a mobile car with the help of constellation diagram for 8 PSK modulation when the mobile car experienced the Rayleigh fading. Here LMS Linear equalizer is used to optimize the Doppler effect when the mobile Car having speed 30 m/sec and the mobile car is assumed on(More)
Contribution of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) to the e-Print Archive services of Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in the field of High Energy Physics (HEP) on Internet is the main focus of the study. E-Print Archives where BARC is at least one of the affiliation of authors are downloaded from the site ''(More)
Cloud Computing is the emerging technology in IT which aims more and more users to be part of it. Cloud computing is a revolution in IT the way resources are utilized and managed. It is an emerging and prosperous field for both academically and industrially. With its wide acceptance today security is a vital concern. Technique running at the back of Cloud(More)