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Active learning methods automatically adapt data collection by selecting the most informative samples in order to accelerate machine learning. Because of this, real-world testing and comparing active learning algorithms requires collecting new datasets (adaptively), rather than simply applying algorithms to benchmark datasets, as is the norm in (passive)(More)
The goal of ordinal embedding is to represent items as points in a low-dimensional Euclidean space given a set of constraints in the form of distance comparisons like “item i is closer to item j than item k”. Ordinal constraints like this often come from human judgments. To account for errors and variation in judgments, we consider the noisy situation in(More)
The near future of image processing techniques state the compatibility issues of applied algorithms with storage techniques and data transmission across noisy environment. Image compression is a vital element that is employed due to its characteristics of image size reduction without considerable data loss. This paper employs an SAR image compression(More)
Introduction: Cardiovascular diseases including coronary artery disease (CAD) are the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients. The main factors responsible for this increased risk besides traditional risk factors (such as higher age, smoking, diabetes, and hypertension (HTN) are uremia related which includes(More)
Visual representations are ubiquitous instructional tools in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) domains. The goal of our ongoing research is to develop a new methodology for cognitive modeling of perceptual learning processes so as to create adaptive technologies that support perceptual fluency. We are using metric learning methods to assess(More)
Multiplier is one of the major hardware circuits of microprocessor and high performance systems such as digital signal processor; FIR filters, processing operations like Convolution, Cross Correlation, and auto-correlation of discrete signals, digital Image processing applications such as edge detection etc. The major design constraint of multiplier is(More)
Adaptive filters have proven to be an instrumental system component in the modern signal processing applications. Innumerable systems that we presently depend on in our daily life would not exist without the use of adaptive filters. There are two conflicting algorithms that are commonly used for implementation of adaptive filters; namely the Recursive Least(More)
Inpainting also known as retouching is the process by which we try to fill in the damaged or missing portions of an image in such a way that it is unable for the person seeing the image to find the fault within the image. Digital Image In painting, a relatively young research area is an art of filling in the missing or corrupted regions in an image using(More)