Laleh Shikh Gholamhossein Ghandehari

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Away combinatorial test set is designed to detect failures that are triggered by combinations involving no more than parameters. Assume that we have executed away test set and some tests have failed. A natural question to ask is: what combinations have caused these failures? Identifying such combinations can facilitate the debugging effort, e.g., by(More)
Combinatorial testing has attracted a lot of attention from both industry and academia. A number of reports suggest that combinatorial testing can be effective for practical applications. However, there are few systematic, controlled studies on the effectiveness of combinatorial testing. In particular, input parameter modeling is a key step in the(More)
This paper presents a method to perform sparse representation based classification (SRC) in a more accurate and efficient way. In this method, training data is first mapped into different feature spaces and multiple dictionaries are built by utilizing a Fisher discriminative based method. These dictionaries can be considered as efficient representations of(More)