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PURPOSE Nowadays adenosine is specified as an important factor in the pathophysiology of asthma. For determining the effect of different A2 receptors, in this investigation the effect of single dose of selective adenosine A2A and A2B antagonists (ZM241385 and MRS1706) on different inflammatory parameters; tracheal responsiveness to methacholine and(More)
INTRODUCTION In previous studies, the relaxant and antihistaminic effects of thymoquinone, the main constituents of Nigella sativa, have been demonstrated on guinea pig tracheal chains. In the present study, the prophylactic effect of (IP) single dose of thymoquinone on tracheal responsiveness and lung inflammation of guinea pig model of asthma was(More)
OBJECTIVES For determining the mechanism of anti-asthmatic effect of thymoquinone, this investigation evaluated the effect of thymoquinone in the presence of selective A2A and A2B adenosine receptor antagonists (ZM241385 and MRS1706, respectively). MATERIALS AND METHODS Seventy guinea pigs were randomly divided to 7 groups; control (C), sensitized with(More)
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