Laleh Haghverdi

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Reconstruction of the molecular pathways controlling organ development has been hampered by a lack of methods to resolve embryonic progenitor cells. Here we describe a strategy to address this problem that combines gene expression profiling of large numbers of single cells with data analysis based on diffusion maps for dimensionality reduction and network(More)
MOTIVATION Single-cell technologies have recently gained popularity in cellular differentiation studies regarding their ability to resolve potential heterogeneities in cell populations. Analyzing such high-dimensional single-cell data has its own statistical and computational challenges. Popular multivariate approaches are based on data normalization,(More)
MOTIVATION High-dimensional single-cell snapshot data are becoming widespread in the systems biology community, as a mean to understand biological processes at the cellular level. However, as temporal information is lost with such data, mathematical models have been limited to capture only static features of the underlying cellular mechanisms. RESULTS(More)
The temporal order of differentiating cells is intrinsically encoded in their single-cell expression profiles. We describe an efficient way to robustly estimate this order according to diffusion pseudotime (DPT), which measures transitions between cells using diffusion-like random walks. Our DPT software implementations make it possible to reconstruct the(More)
UNLABELLED : Diffusion maps are a spectral method for non-linear dimension reduction and have recently been adapted for the visualization of single-cell expression data. Here we present destiny, an efficient R implementation of the diffusion map algorithm. Our package includes a single-cell specific noise model allowing for missing and censored values. In(More)
We address dynamical systems of agents driven by attraction and repulsion forces modelling cohesion and collision avoidance. When the total energy, which is composed of a kinetic part and a geometrical part describing the balance between attraction and repulsion forces, is below a certain threshold, then it is known that the agents will converge to a(More)
Here we report the use of diffusion maps and network synthesis from state transition graphs to better understand developmental pathways from single cell gene expression profiling. We map the progression of mesoderm towards blood in the mouse by single-cell expression analysis of 3,934 Users may view, print, copy, and download text and data-mine the content(More)
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