Laleh Badriasl

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We present new closed-form and low-complexity solutions for the three-dimensional (3D) target motion analysis problem using azimuth/elevation angles. A 3D pseudolinear estimator (PLE) is developed based on an approximation of the maximum likelihood (ML) cost function. Drawing on a large-sample bias analysis, a bias-compensated PLE is constructed. The(More)
In this paper two novel solutions are developed for the 3D localization problem using azimuth/elevation angles by reformulating the nonlinear azimuth and elevation measurements in a linear way. The proposed solutions provide computationally non-demanding approaches for this problem and can be used for initializing iterative algorithms e.g., maximum(More)
In the passive underwater context the presence of two bounding surfaces (i.e., sea surface and seabed) results in several paths between the receiver and the source. In this paper we propose a novel closed-form least-squares (LS) solution by combining the time-delay information with angle measurements. Despite its simplicity, the LS estimator exhibits poor(More)
This paper considers the problem of three-dimensional target motion analysis using a combination of bearing, elevation, and time difference of arrival (TDOA) measurements. We propose a hybrid closed-form solution based on the weighted instrumental variables for this highly nonlinear problem. The proposed solution avoids the high computational complexity and(More)
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