Lale Olcay

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The presented case is a boy with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) with hairy cell (HC) features and monoclonal gammopathy. The disease process had an acute onset and followed a rapid, progressive course. The patient had minimal splenomegaly and bicytopenia, but the bone marrow displayed increased numbers of reticulin fibers. The blasts were(More)
Vacuolar myelopathy (VM) in leukemia is rare. We report a boy with leukemia who developed isolated central nervous system (CNS) relapse during reinduction therapy. 5 months after cranial radiotherapy, he gradually developed quadriparesis. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed an intramedullary lesion which extended through the cervical spine. Serum vitamin(More)
AIM To investigate the morphology and function of platelets in nephropathic cystinosis (NC). METHODS Seven patients (mean age, 6.5 years; SD, 20 months) with NC were investigated. Their platelets were examined by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and the characteristics of the dense granules (DGs) were determined by mepacrine labelling and the(More)
A seven-year-old boy with acute lymphoblastic leukemia received vincristine sulphate 1 mg, 1 ml intramuscularly, into his glutea, inadvertently, in the local hospital. The mother, applied hot compresses for 16 hours, starting 6.5 hours after the injection. Then, she told, the slight pain and the reddened area which developed around the injection site(More)
Myelodysplasia refers to abnormal morphology of the bone marrow and/or peripheral blood. This condition is frequently due to myelodysplastic syndrome; however, myelodysplasia is caused by a variety of factors and is not always a sign of pre-malignant disease. We observed myelodysplastic changes in peripheral blood smears and bone marrow specimens from a(More)
The factor V Leiden mutation in 12-children with thrombosis and in 20 controls was investigated. Five heterozygous individuals and 1 homozygous individual among the cases with thrombosis and 1 heterozygous individual among controls were found. Central nervous system thromboses were increased in children with the factor V mutation, associated with protein S(More)
An 11-year-old boy with mild hemophilia A was admitted to our hospital because of focal convulsions. Magnetic resonance imaging showed an old occipital infarct. Protein C, S, antithrombin III, anticardiolipin antibodies and fibrinogen were normal. Heterozygosity for factor V Leiden mutation was detected. We suggest that factor V Leiden mutation should be(More)