Lalan Kumar

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Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) are built up of a collection of mobile nodes which have no fixed infrastructure. The nodes communicate through wireless network and there is no central control. Routing is the task of directing data packets from a source node to a given destination. This task is particularly complex due to the dynamic topology, limited(More)
—In this paper, a novel method of robust source localization using MUSIC-Group delay (MUSIC-GD) spectrum computed over spherical harmonic components is described. Our earlier work on the MUSIC-GD spectrum has focused on uniform linear array (ULA) and uniform circular array (UCA) for resolving closely spaced speech sources using minimal number of sensors(More)
—The performance of an ICA-Beamforming framework in multi source environments is often limited by the resolution of the direction of arrival (DOA) estimation and by permutation errors. In this paper a framework that addresses these issues, using the MUSIC-Group delay method of DOA estimation has been described. A new cost function defined for this purpose(More)