Lalan Kumar

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—In this paper, a novel method of robust source localization using MUSIC-Group delay (MUSIC-GD) spectrum computed over spherical harmonic components is described. Our earlier work on the MUSIC-GD spectrum has focused on uniform linear array (ULA) and uniform circular array (UCA) for resolving closely spaced speech sources using minimal number of sensors(More)
Emerging multi-modal signal processing applications require a sustained effort on the part of the developer to realize and deploy an application. A rapid prototyping platform will reduce the effort, cost, and time required to develop and deploy an application. In this paper, a rapid pro-totyping platform is developed for realizing a multi-modal signal(More)
—The MUSIC-group delay spectrum has been hitherto used for high resolution direction of arrival estimation using a limited number of sensors. In this work we discuss the significance of the MUSIC-group delay spectrum for robust direction of arrival estimation using shrinkage estimators. The MUSIC-group delay spectrum computed using shrinkage estimation of(More)
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