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Spherical harmonics root-MUSIC (MUltiple SIgnal Classification) technique for source localization using spherical microphone array is presented in this paper. Earlier work on root-MUSIC is limited to linear and planar arrays. Root-MUSIC for planar array utilizes the concept of manifold separation and beamspace transformation. In this paper, the Vandermonde(More)
Subspace-based source localization methods utilize the spectral magnitude of the MUltiple SIgnal Classification (MUSIC) method. However, in all these methods, a large number of sensors are required to resolve closely spaced sources. A novel method for high resolution source localization based on the group delay of MUSIC is described in this work. The method(More)
In this paper, a novel method of robust source localization using MUSIC-Group delay (MUSIC-GD) spectrum computed over spherical harmonic components is described. Our earlier work on the MUSIC-GD spectrum has focused on uniform linear array (ULA) and uniform circular array (UCA) for resolving closely spaced speech sources using minimal number of sensors(More)
Source localization using spherical microphone arrays has received attention due to the ease of array processing in the spherical harmonics (SH) domain with no spatial ambiguity. In this paper, we address the issue of near-field source localization using a spherical microphone array. In particular, three methods that jointly estimate the range and bearing(More)
In this paper, we address the issue of near-field source localization using spherical microphone array. The spherical array has been widely used for far-field source localization due to ease of array processing in spherical harmonics domain. Various methods for far-field source localization has been reformulated in spherical harmonics domain. However,(More)
CONTEXT Acute and chronic pancreatitis may present with pseudocysts in atypical locations. Activated pancreatic enzymes track along anatomic fascial planes causing digestion of the surrounding tissues and resulting in distant pseudocysts. Pseudocysts at atypical locations pose significant diagnostic as well as therapeutic challenges. CASE REPORT We report(More)
Source localization has been studied in the spatial domain using differential geometry in earlier work. However, parameters of the sensor array manifold have hitherto not been investigated for source localization in spherical harmonics domain. The objective of this work is to represent and model the manifold surface using differential geometry. The system(More)
Copyright to IJIRSET www.ijirset.com 1250 Abstract—Stroke is one of the leading threats to human health. Stroke and heart attack would seriously cause human morbidity and mortality. The carotid artery of intima-media thickness is a key indicator to the disease and is one of the major criteria for early screening and diagnosis of stroke. The intima-media(More)