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We present a comprehensive high-level estimation framework for power consumed by the software in the processor caches. We demonstrate the framework on two types of caches commonly used in a modern day processor ARM1136 viz., L1 Data Cache and L2 Unified Cache. The major contribution of this paper is a linear energy model for the caches. The energy(More)
Here we are reporting a novel method of producing inherently colored antimicrobial fibers employing silver nanoparticles. Without using undesirable dyes and chemical finishes, colors as well as antimicrobial properties have been imparted in textile grade acrylic fibers through silver nanoparticles, in such a way that these properties become inherent part of(More)
Images are a crucial part of everyone’s life in this modern world. The increase in the number of these has led to a need of better results like better quality, better diagnosis of medical problems etc. Reducing noise from the images is a challenge for the researchers in digital image processing. Several approaches are there for noise reduction. Generally(More)
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